November 2008

Optimist Reviews stuff from catalogs

Optimist Reviews stuff from catalogs or for all you Cracked fans 14 things to avoid from catalogs
Sadly, this may be Danny's final hour. Hulk Hogan's CCW: Episode 7

Danny gets eliminated again, but it's okay as he'll be back next week all over again. KAYFABE!
I acknowledge this makes me look like I'm looking forward to this. I'm not. Let's Rape Little Boys

A fan-made RPG in which you sexually assault minors. No, really.
Wii Review: Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009

Why is Matt Hardy grimacing? Perhaps he just played the latest Smackdown game for the Wii! Find out just how bad it is inside!
Look ma. A five hit combo! Hulk Hogan's CCW: Episode 6

Danny cons Hulk Hogan into rehiring him, and we have a selection of hardcore matches. Elsewhere, Trishelle gets told to go fuck herself.
John Cena wins. WWE: Survivor Series '08

John Cena, and Edge are your new World Champions. Elsewhere, we have five-on-five elimination matches.
Hulk Hogan's CCW: Episode 5

Danny Bonaduce gets injured, and eliminated . . . or DOES he?
This show is much worse than Breaking Bonaduce. Hulk Hogan's CCW: Episode 4

We lose Nikki this week, prompting everybody to ask themselves who the fuck she is. Also, it looks like Danny might be injured.
CCW Hulk Hogan's CCW: Episode 3

Erin Murphy is a jabroni, in a show where everybody dresses up like a character. Except for Dennis, and Danny. They're just themselves.